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See why many companies are switching and using Cygna Labs with a modern HTML 5 UI that is simple to use while having many powerful features.  Cygna Auditor allows you to consolidate multiple sources into a single audit view across hybrid and multi cloud environments.

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Cygna Labs is offering a competitive upgrade promotion to customers of other auditing solutions. 

Are you getting frustrated with your dated auditing software?  

Do you think you overpay for the value you get?

Many of these auditing tools haven’t changed the way they work in over a decade with complex user interfaces, slow performance or they simply are not scalable.

Organizations can replace their auditing software with a Cygna Labs comparable and save 30% or more on your annual maintenance fee. 

This offer will allow you to modernize your auditing solution without the need to purchase new licenses, just switch over your current maintenance to Cygna Labs.

Exclusive for existing Quest, Netwrix, StealthBits customers

Be in control of your audit solution and data!

Audit Data – No matter where the data comes from, even cloud sources are stored in your databases, no need to worry about data residency or regulatory compliance issues like you would with a SaaS based solution.

RBAC and Scoping – Allows you to restrict users to the only actions and data to that is required for them to do their jobs.  You don’t have to do work arounds by creating separate reports to limit who can see or do what.

Multiple Audit Sources – Combine multiple audit sources in a single implementation and views.  Other solutions have a siloed approach for infrastructure and reporting requiring you to setup and maintain multiple systems while not allowing you to see the whole picture in one place.

and save 30% or more on your annual maintenance fee!

Cygna Identity – Cygna Identity provides the ability to group multiple user accounts from hybrid and multi cloud systems to single searchable identity, other audit systems would require you to know and then search on each user account.