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Cygna Labs forms strategic partnership with BeyondTrust and takes over the development and support for all BeyondTrust Auditor Suite products (PBMS) as of January 1st, 2020. 

The partnership is a perfect fit as the team at Cygna Labs had developed the original Auditor Suite acquired by BeyondTrust from Blackbird. We currently have employees from Blackbird in sales, product management, development and executive roles that makes us uniquely positioned to take on, support, maintain and enhance the products. BeyondTrust Auditor Suite customers will have a smooth transition between organizations and can continue to run their existing installed code. 

The BeyondTrust Auditor Suite will also be integrated with the Cygna Labs web-based UI for reporting. This will allow BeyondTrust Auditor Suite customers to combine their existing audit data with other hybrid cloud sources from the Cygna Auditor Platform such as Microsoft 365, Azure AD and others. Cygna Labs is solely focused on audit and recovery solutions.

BeyondTrust Auditor Suite customers can now purchase maintenance support and additional product licenses directly through Cygna Labs.

Cygna Labs takes over Auditor Suite from BeyondTrust

Cygna Labs takes over BeyondTrust Auditor Suite and provides customers continuity with ongoing product development, maintenance, and support